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    Hotel Solution

    A qualified hotel with complete infrastructure facilities and luxury interior decoration is not enough, Most important it should provide the guest considerated and personalized service. Thus a good management soltion is neccessary and worth to be invested. With the smart hotel magement system, it will offer the guest extremely great lodging experience and always make them feeling relaxed and comfortable as in home. Besides of these, our solution will significant enhance the efficiency and reduce operating cost. By-Touch Solution Co., Limited is committed to provide such smart solutions for modern hospitality.

    The system based on the flexible modular design, with excellent system expansibility, maintainability and stability. One side, the intelligent hotel management system can shorten the service response time and improve the efficiency; Another side, the management staff will know the room status in time and control in overall, then will easy 

     to assign the human resource and make it optimization. Finally will improve the efficiency of hotel management and increase the operation benefits.

    The Guest room intelligent management system includes RCU(room control units), Energy-saving Switch, Smart Doorplate, Door Bell, Light Switch, Door Sensor, Smart Lock, Thermostat, Communication Device (Router), Management Computer. Through the centralized control of the Strong Electricity Light, Thermostat, Exhaust Fans and Room Service Switch, to achieve overall control of the devices in real time, and provide timely response and high quality service to the guest.

    System features:
    Efficient Management                                  Automatic Operation                                            
    High Stability Network Control or standalone option        
    Super Engergy Saving Real time room status feedback 
    Flexbile system expansibility   Good interact capability

  • Smart  
    Home Solution

    Smart home undoubtedly is the most attractive things and with great huge demand in current market, everyone dreams to have their own smart home. But most home automation system in current market is complicated and cost huge, it's not easy afford by normal family, and in fact  limited by the system it not suitable for most families.

    And what we are doing is to provide a refined, simple, easy use solution that will meet the practical needs of most family, so each ordinary families can have a affortable smart home, and to enjoy the convenience brought by the technology. 

    Our system is based on the most simple platform via wireless communication, can intelligently control smart door locks, lights, monitoring camera and other equipment needed. All devices can be real-time mornitoring and remote control by your


    smart phone, no matter where you are! It will make you feelling great convenience. More over, it will bring you and your family extreme secure and real peace of mind!

    System features:
         Simple and practical,  no complex hardware and software                                                           
         Low cost and every one can affordable 
        Easy use, Free APP support iOs and Andorid devices
        Easy to install, wireless communication 
        Real-time monitoring, real-time feedback 
       Efficient and safe, energy-saving and environmental friendly

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